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6mm Helical Bar Crack Stitching Kit - 1m length 5 bars

6mm Helical Bar Crack Stitching Kit - 1m length 5 bars
6mm Helical Bar Crack Stitching Kit - 1m length 5 bars
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  • Product Code: A1-5830
  • Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: H6/1000
  • Weight: 2,000.00g

Length: 1000mm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 2000g
6mm Helical Bar is used in a variety of applications; in general the metre lengths are used for crack stitching and reinforcing masonry in both new and existing masonry structures. The deformation of the fins makes the bonding characteristics of the Helical Bar far superior to alternative standard reinforcing materials. Stainless steel grade 304 (grade 316 available on request).

The 6mm Stainless Steel Helical Bar Crack Stitching System is fully certified kit, that consists of the following elements.

  • 5nos 6mm x 1000mm Helical Bars, 
  • 1no 1.5L tub of Helical Grout,
  • 1no Crack Stitching Gun,
  • 1no Black Plastic Nozzle,
  • 1no Mixing Paddle,
  • 1no Finger Trowel
  • Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel (grade 316 available to order).
  • Excellent bonding capabilities.
  • Coiled spring properties within elastic limit.
  • High stress material.
  • No sudden or catastrophic failure point.
  • Less intrusive than standard repairs.  
  • Rake or cut slots into horizontal mortar joint to a depth of between 25-35mm and a 450mm or 6 brick courses vertical spacing.
  • Vacuum out the slots and thoroughly flush with water.
  • Mix the two part Grout (HG3) in the tub provided.
  • Insert a bead of Grout into the back of the slot using a grout gun.
  • Push the Helical Bar into the Grout to obtain good coverage.
  • Insert a bead of Grout over the exposed Helical Bar and iron into the slot using a finger trowel. Fill in the slot with Grout leaving sufficient depth for re pointing.
  • Use a colour matched mortar to repair fractured bricks.
  • Re-point the slot to match existing as closely as possible and make good the area.
  • If in doubt, seek advice from a structural engineer.