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Damp Proof Membrane - DPM - 4x25m Roll

Damp Proof Membrane - DPM - 4x25m Roll
Damp Proof Membrane - DPM - 4x25m Roll
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  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: DPM300B
  • Weight: 25,000.00g

Length: 25000mm
Width: 4000mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Weight: 25000g
Damp Proof Membrane is intended for use within solid concrete floors to prevent the rise of moisture or damp through structure flooring. Suitable for most construction damp proofing requirements. The DPM can be used as either below the slab application, directly below the flooring surface or in a sandwich construction, between base concrete and the screed. Manufactured from recycled polythene to meet PIFA and BBA standards.

  • Manufactured to both BBA and PIFA requirements.
  • 1200 gauge (300 micron).
  • 4m x 25m.
  • High puncture resistance.
  • Unless the application surface is smooth it should be blinded with compacted soft sand to guarantee a soft bed, free from any objects that may puncture the membrane during installation or when concrete is applied.
  • It is recommended that the DPM should be covered with a protective layer or screed as soon as possible after the membrane has been installed.
  • Care should be taken when applying concrete or screed on top of the DPM to avoid stretching or the DPM being displaced.
  • When joining two sheets a minimum overlap of 150mm should be provided between each of the sheets.
  • For the best waterproof protection when making a join a double welted fold should be formed between the joining sheets. This should be formed by an overlap of 300mm from both sheets. Alternatively the 150mm overlap can be sealed with 100mm wide jointing tape.
  • Any Punctures in the membrane should be patched with sheets of identical thickness lapped at least 150mm away from the perforation edge and sealed with double sided pressure sensitive tape.
  • When installed within structures Damp Proof Membrane should be linked to the Damp Proof Course within the structure walls to from a continuous damp proof barrier throughout the structure.
Note: Not recommended for use as a general gas proof barrier system on Brownfield sites or in applications where gases such as radon are present.