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375x375mm Gallows Bracket GB375 - pack of 2

375x375mm Gallows Bracket GB375 - pack of 2
375x375mm Gallows Bracket GB375 - pack of 2
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  • Product Code: A1-5587
  • Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: GB375
  • Weight: 6,000.00g

Width: 375mm
Height: 375mm
Weight: 6000g
Gallows Brackets provide support when removing an internal chimney breast. Painted - Red or Grey Primer. Supplied in pairs.
  • Horizontal and vertical angle 50 x 50 x 5mm.
  • 45 degree angle 25 x 25 x 3mm.
  • Holed for M12. 
  • Finished in red Oxide Primer.
  • The chimney breast is located on an external flank wall and no external projection exists.
  • Where Gallows Brackets are not being used, then a steel beam (s) will be required. If there are load bearing walls either side of the chimney breast, then the Building Control Surveyor may be able to provide you with guidance on the type of beam and bearing which should be provided. In other cases a Structural Engineer should be employed to design a solution.
  • Anchor fixings to be used with a minimum 100mm penetration into brickwork.
Please note that in general Gallows Brackets cannot be used if; 
  • The Wall to which they are to be fixed is less than 225mm thick, or
  • The projection of the breast is more than 340mm (more than 150% of the thickness of the supporting wall), or
  • The adjacent neighbours chimney breasts have already been removed or partially removed and gallows brackets installed, or
  • The Brickwork or Mortar beds of the supporting walling are in poor condition.