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Helical Bar Grout HG3 - 3 Litres

Helical Bar Grout HG3 - 3 Litres
Helical Bar Grout HG3 - 3 Litres
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  • Product Code: A1-5810
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  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: HG3

Helical Bar Grout is a high performance, non-shrink, non-gassing, thixotropic, cement based grout, suitable for injection with a hand or power applicator. It has a low liquid to powder ratio, which gives the thixotropic ability - the grout would flow sufficiently to form a uniform layer, then to resist further flow, thereby preventing sagging on a vertical surface. This way, the grout would completely fills all voids into which it is injected and which develops its compressive strength rapidly. Helical Grout is suitable for bonding metal components into most common masonry type substrates including concrete, brick, stone, blocks, etc.

  • Helical Grout is packed in tubs containing the dry powder and liquid, individually packed.
  • 3L tub would cover 10m.
  • It is important to make the correct size of hole to ensure a good bond.
  • A minimum clearance of 2mm all round should be allowed
  • A greater clearance being required with more absorbent materials.
  • The hole should be flushed out with clean water to obtain maximum bond strength.
  • Mix the Helical Grout by adding half of the powder to all of the liquid in the tub provided. Mix until blended.
  • Add the remaining powder and mix thoroughly, preferably using a powered mixing paddle for a minimum of two minutes.
  • Pour the mixture into the cartridge of the pointing gun and inject into the hole or slot in a continuous operation.
Do not add water or any additives.