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74mm x 240mm TECO TIJ-T I Joist Hanger

74mm x 240mm TECO TIJ-T I Joist Hanger
74mm x 240mm TECO TIJ-T I Joist Hanger
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  • Product Code: A1-5848
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  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: TIJ-TI - 74x240mm
  • Weight: 426.24g

74mm x 240mm TECO TIJ-T I Joist Hanger

Width: 74mm
Height: 240mm
Thickness: 0.7mm
Weight: 426.24g

74x240mm Top Fix I-Joist Hanger is an innovative new backer free Joist Hanger  to suit solid engineered wood products as well as I-Joists. It is engineered to combine maximum load carrying capacity with easy hands-free site installation, at minimum cost. Long term safe working load = 4.3 kN. Long term safe working load with enhanced nailing = 8.6 kN.



  • Unique hands free installation,
  • Qualified for use with various nail types,
  • Requires less nails,
  • Face fix or top fix design,
  • Enhanced load carrying option,
  • Can be used on solid EWP or I-Joists.

FIXING INSTRUCTIONS for 74x240mm Top Fix I-Joist Hanger

  • All standard round holes should be filled with either 2.65 x 40mm or 2.8 x 40mm or 3.4 x 35mm ring-shank nails or 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails.
  • Fill diamond shaped holes for enhanced installation to I-Joist with backer blocks or solid LVL or Glulam headers.
  • The TIJs unique hands free design locates the hanger on I-Joist headers leaving the installer with both hands free for easier installation.


  • 0.7mm pre galvanised mild steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.