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47x306 Woody No Tag Joist Hanger

47x306 Woody No Tag Joist Hanger
47x306 Woody No Tag Joist Hanger
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  • Product Code: A1-5237
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  • Brand: TECO
  • Model and Size: WNT - 47x306
  • Weight: 192.00g

47x306 Woody No Tag Joist Hanger

Width: 47mm
Height: 306mm
Thickness: 0.8mm
Weight: 192g

Woody No Tag Joist Hanger 47 x 306mm is produced from 0.8mm thick pre-galvanised mild steel in accordance with the BS EN 10327:2004 DX51D+Z275 specifications. The hangers have been accordingly tested by Ceram Research, whereas the test results are available upon request. Also available in Stainless Steel. Long term safe working load = 6 kN.

FIXING INSTRUCTIONS for 47x306 Woody No Tag Joist Hanger

  • All holes should be nailed using 30 x 3.75 square twist nails or equivalent, for stainless steel products use 30 x 3.75 stainless steel annular ring shank nails.
    Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.


  • Joist bearing 60mm, 
  • Also available in Stainless Steel,
  • Tested by Ceram Research.